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Beam Blade

ANCO® Profile® beam blades feature an infinite amount of pressure points for better blade-to-windshield contact. Featuring our patented Articulated Contact™ Technology and proprietary Kwik Connect® Installation System – ANCO® Profile is the affordable beam blade replacement that can also be used for vehicles originally equipped with a conventional style blade.

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Advanced Technology for Every Vehicle

Profile Callouts
  • Low profile connection system
  • 97% coverage with only 13 SKU’s
  • Symmetrical spoiler — to allow for easy installation on vehicles with opposing wiper arm systems
  • Installed connector covers 9x3, 9x4 J-hooks and 3/16" and 1/4" side lock arms while the extra connectors included cover popular beam wiper arm
  • Available in sizes 13" — 29"
Profile blade articulated contact


Patented Technology provides superior blade-to-windshield contact

Kwik Connect

Kwik Connect®

Provides quick and easy wiper blade replacement

Profile Installation Guides

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